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Protect, repair and beautifully enhance your skin,
instantly and lastingly, with products inspired by skin
and augmented by science.
Our skin comes under attack from our environment – temperatures, sunshine, pollution – and our life – stress, travel, long days and not enough sleep.

We want to be natural and the best we can be every day and above all today. At the same time, we don’t want the present to undermine the future, for beauty to trump our health. Beauty products must be our everyday partners in achieving this, but is their action sustainable if they do not respect our skin and its ecology? Could they play a role in polluting our skin?

At SOSkin, we are humble and ambitious. 
Humble because our expertise dating back over 30 years has allowed us to get to know the skin, its key components and its impressive structure better. We strive to decipher and reproduce these extraordinary protection and repair mechanisms, to be certain of helping your skin to face everyday life over the long term, without unbalancing or polluting it. 
Ambitious because this in-depth knowledge of the biological mechanisms allows us to stimulate them, without any risk to your skin as they respect its physiology.
SOSkin was born 30 years ago through the drive,
expertise and vision of Doctor Alexandre DINGAS.
As a Doctor of Science, he wanted to do away with the dilemma between efficacy and tolerance: the choice between well-tolerated but not very active products and products that are undoubtedly effective but not very gentle on the epidermis. 
 As a biologist, his work focused on an in-depth knowledge of the skin, its components, structure, and natural repair and protection mechanisms.
As a humanist, his approach was to respect the skin’s ecology. To preserve its components and balance in order to reproduce and stimulate them. To offer instant yet lasting efficacy without compromising on tolerance.
To formulate each SOSkin product, Dr Dingas strove to use Biocompatible ingredients. These ingredients similar to natural components are perfectly assimilated by skin.
Proposing an immediate efficacy but sustainble and without any compromise concerning its tolerance.
Using these ingredients, he created Biomimetic formulas inspired by the skin’s structure to restore its nutrition and defence functions, and withstand external aggressors and the attacks of time. To respond to the impatience of today’s world while respecting nature and its mechanisms, he reinforced these formulas with active ingredients that will be used by skin to make them Biostimulating.
SOSkin products have delivered such a high level of efficacy that they have been adopted by beauty and aesthetics professionals. Effective and safe, they have also been acclaimed by skincare specialists, dermatologists and pharmacists
Altruistic and something of an adventurer, Dr Alexandre Dingas then travelled the world to present his innovation and continue the range’s development. You will find SOSkin products for everyone; tailored to each skin type and all environments and conditions of use, from the heat of the Middle East, through the pollution of major Asian metropolises, to the sunny climate of his native Mediterranean… a universal brand.
Since then, SOSkin has become a brand that lives up to its motto and mission:
A new era begins. Vision of Alexia DINGAS.
"SOSkin was very much part of my childhood..."

and sometimes took my father’s attention. After my business school studies, I discovered what this brand really was, its strength and modernity very much in sync with today’s men and women. Respecting our skin and its ecology, making us beautiful every day with lasting results… it’s unique.
Over and above the action of our products, we control the whole process, raw material procurement, our production, along with quality control for optimal safety. We have remained true to our native region, the Nice Côte d'Azur metropolis, where all our research and production teams are established. Our staff are passionate and we look after them, which is also what being socially responsible and modern is about.
« So I wanted to go even further. »

So I wanted to champion this brand and its mission, make it known by communicating what it is in the press and on social media, directly to our users. 
I also wanted us to go even further. 
For us to integrate the latest scientific knowledge to take care of our users and the health of their skin, taking a streamlined approach when creating our formulas. 
I also wanted us to remain mindful of our impact on the planet when taking care of our skin. This has taken concrete form in a packaging optimisation initiative, more biodegradable formulas, and controlling the safety of our products for consumers and the environment
I took up the SOSkin torch with the determination to promote this vision with a contemporary urgency:
Promises & proofs
We deliver the protection, repair and good-as-new skin effect that you expect today, immediately and with respect for your skin, so that this efficacy is well tolerated and lasting.
As your skin is your body’s largest organ, we offer these guarantees of efficacy and safety, overseeing the sourcing and traceability of the ingredients, the manufacture, and the control of each step on our own production site in Carros located in Nice Côte d’Azur, a region that skilfully combines beauty, nature and modernism.
Each ingredient is Biocompatible. Through their ingredients and mode of action, our formulas reproduce the skin’s natural structure and processes; they are said to be Biomimetic.

This Biocompatibility is validated by specific acute and chronic toxicity tests* on skin culture

Because our expertise allows us to go beyond mimicry to achieve Biostimulation, our products’ efficacy is significant and validated by clinical studies.

Because SOSkin protects your skin, it also protects your environment with formulas and packaging that are eco-friendlier than ever.
Our values

Respect for people and nature in all its forms:
skin, its components and mechanisms. Our production site and all our processes aim to reduce their ecological footprint. All our scientific research is conducted without any use of animal testing.

High standards in terms of results for our customers: All our products undergo safety studies and efficacy tests on humans.

Quality of our products: We have complete control of raw material procurement, formula creation, manufacturing and control, traceability and vigilance monitoring on our ISO 22716-certified site based in Carros, a village in Nice Côte d’Azur.

This control allows us to guarantee a high quality level for each and every product. Company ethics and social role: Staying true to its production in France, staff safety and well-being are at the heart of the company’s concerns. It fulfils its social role in its local region and makes the same requirements of all its suppliers.


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